There WILL be time if you ask!!

How many times have I said, “if only I had extra time,” I would do so much, catch up, take time for me and get better at what I do….what then?  I have often asked for that time and gotten only silence and a few more to-dos to add to my list……but on April 12, 2017, God decided to grant my wish although not exactly in the way I would have chosen.  The auto accident stopped me in my tracks!! Sometimes, we hear from God in subtle ways; other times, it’s a direct punch in the gut, oh um make that sternum!

After the accident and during my recovery, I kept thinking about being off the 6-8 weeks to recover from the fractured sternum and other bumps and bruises. I was very limited in what I could do but I could surely write…..well, so I thought. What great time to finish the book, right? He had other plans.  I did’t feel like writing and while the words came to me, I just didn’t feel it. All writers face their nightmare, writer’s block. It quickly became evident that God wanted ME, spending time with Him. He was not concerned with what I wanted to do or needed in my own mind, but He wanted my mind “stayed on Him,” focused, growing in faith and able to hear His voice. “Stop and listen,” I heard Him say. To be certain He had my attention, He removed my busy schedule, along with the ability to pen my ideas, so the book and this blog were put on what seemed like terminal hold. The dream of having a clean house disappeared, as did the ability to lift and care for my precious 4 grand babies. Basically, my world came to a screeching halt and I was stuck in a recliner. The blunt force of not being able to do anything hurt much worse than the actual pain radiating through my chest. I felt stunned and helpless. If that wasn’t enough, my 85-yr old mother had moved in with me. We were a real case, the two of us, “We will drag the garbage bags out together ……..!”

I was more than miserable and wished for an enchanted island where I could retreat, relax on the beach and  stare out at the ocean – yes, the words would surely come to me then.

My book has now taken a new turn which will delay publishing, but I know that His ways are always higher. He is true to His own.  Hear that? His own. Do you know that feeling when you really belong to someone who adores you? There is no greater love! I was also blessed with great friends; well actually a couple of great friends!  If you ever wonder how many you have, just get really  sick or hurt…I could count on one hand those that I could depend on. Hey, did you know that we are actually hard wired to need each other?  As Jesus commanded us to love one another, He also gave us many instructions on loving our neighbor which may catch you by surprise. Most of us have tendency to quickly reference what kind of neighbor we might have but God’s way is to pay close attention  to the kind of neighbor WE are! Our lives are built for community which sounds simple but biblical community takes time, work, commitment and sacrifice!  It comes natural only to those that have a heart in pursuit of His. The blog will be updated as I work through a bible study based on why we believe in what we do. Are you comfortable defending  your faith? Do you have a case for Christ prepared to speak when the unexpected need presents? Consider a Bible study in  you life group. What better way to unwind from your work day – just pour up a cappuccino or hot tea and dive in. Remember always, “press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”  He gives me strength and joy everlasting. If you don’t know this kind of joy, it is my fervent prayer that I could help you find your way to this love and perfect peace. He fills every need. When you submit, He will make your way straight.  I pause to appreciate all this technology that allows us to share these thoughts in the comfort of our homes, when we are fresh, rested, and ready to receive.

Thanks for stopping by. As always, I welcome your comments.