Its a new day!!!

These two years have passed quickly. I would like to tell you that I took a break to lay on the beach and finish my book, but then…. na. In reality, I was bluntly awakened by a crash that totaled my car followed by a long recovery, then moved halfway out and prepared my home to sell, then sold the home and moved the rest out, and a month later, once the new build was complete, moved the 3rd time. Friends, THAT was painful! Meanwhile, I’ve had a blast with four grandchildren, 7, 4, 4, & 3.  Now, time to settle in and get back to my art (mosaics), writing and making new friends here. Be sure to stop by Art from the Heart page here (please follow) and enjoy my creations. Stay tuned for a couple of new things coming, such as my first YouTube!! Also, by the special request of my own patients, a new page devoted to health, prevention and how to find light when your world has been darkened by illness. I hope to encourage and enlighten from 15 years of oncology nursing and as my special gift to you, words from dear friends who truly know your pain.

Its 2020, and the ride is just as bumpy as it was two years ago! Disease, politics, disaster, more politics…na, I won’t go there.  Please don’t stop praying for our nation. Yes, there is bad, but there is so much good, and even so, GOD is perfect!

2Chronicles 7:14.