“Let your words be few”….oh, but I have so many! Most important is that they count for something!   I grew up on the salty shores of Southeast Texas, lined with beaches, striped umbrellas, and feel very comfortable with sand between my toes. In the evening sun, it has always been a place of solitude for me. I can look out and see forever, there are no limits or boundaries, only God hovering over the distant horizon.

Here you will find a passionate nurse’s notes on life, love, family, and God, and how we can exist in harmony together. You will find encouragement, promise, laughter and tears.  You will find celebrations and shipwrecks.  You will find people, maybe even yourself or someone you know or a familiar situation.  In gathering these thoughts I sit (in body or mind) by the sea, taking in it’s refreshing beauty with solemn sounds of ships afar, seagulls dominating the clear blue sky, sandy shorelines, and the furious waves and white caps that rush in to threaten intricately designed sandcastles. The beautiful sea which has become home to many tiny living things and enormous sea creatures who coexist in this ecosystem, by specific design.  He made them all. God’s vast creation with it’s seasons and tides, has been my obsession; helping people, my passion. From my chair, anchored in the sand, I receive many beautiful words. My only task and a challenging one at that, is to get them into some kind of order.

Grab an icy sweet tea or lemon spritz, sunshades, and come bask a while with me.