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I was raised in a small southern Baptist church in Southeast Texas and gave my life to Christ at the tender age of 11.  I knew who He was and what He did for me, and knew that I loved Him but that was all.  I had no idea what my obligation as a Christian was nor did i understand the position I had accepted within His kingdom.  I was active in our youth group and excited during the Jesus movement of the 80’s.  Fast forward 20 years, and one evening as I fell to my knees out of desperation, I came to understand who this Christ really was as He pulled me from the trenches of control and abuse.  As the tears fell for hours into the night, His peace and presence began to dwell in the room around me and I wept all the more. He assured me that He had always been there and that there was no sin or situation He was unable to forgive, no pain He could not ease.  I would no longer be bound by the guilt and shame of divorce and each day forward, I would continue to look for opportunities to share His goodness.  Life is not perfect but I am free and joy has been restored. My mind is stayed on Him for His promises are real. Today and every day, I will focus on heavenly things, for things of this earth will surely pass away.

Coming soon, I will feature awesome testimonies and stories from readers who wish to share Special moments. Please send me your stories and experiences through the Contact link below or email to victoriaspencer229@gmail.com

“Your ways are always higher

Your plans are always good

There’s not a place where I’ll go, You’ve not already stood”

from “I will Trust in You” ~ Lauren Daigle



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