Hold on for the bumpy ride..

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Sometimes all you can do is try to hold your footage….and pray.
Its been a while, folks. I’ve missed you. The events around my hometown in Southeast Texas have been quite the bumpy ride. We have been challenged with emotions from extreme laughter to devastating grief and still, maintain peace…the peace that surpasses all understanding. Sometimes, life requires us to push PAUSE, pray, and wait it out…
The past 8 months have brought many tears of joy and as many tears from sorrow. So how do we maneuver through the turbulence, standing tall on the highest peaks, sinking low into the deepest valleys and still KNOW that not a tear falls unnoticed by our God who neither slumbers nor sleeps
(Psalm 121:4). 
A few of those emotions from one end of the pole to the other:

Image result for best pics of astros world seriesAstros take the World Series 11/2/17

All  I can say is WOW. I love our Astros but honestly, I struggle to find time for sports including Olympics, as my TV time is limited with a demanding work schedule as an Oncology nurse. But let me tell you that the nights of Astro history were very different. I rushed home, took my post in front of the TV and screamed and yelled uncontrollably. The closer we came to completing the series, it was definitely about winning, but it was also about witnessing an entire metropolis city and suburbs, begin recovery from the recent devastation of hurricane Harvey. There were smiles on faces that not long ago, had lost everything. There was an outpouring of love, with no divisions of culture or color; we were all one. Friends, we are still and will always be one. The games were exciting and I am so honored to be at home with the Astros as they claimed their gold, the amazing Commissioner’s Trophy. #HoustonStrong

A simple man who had incredibly influenced my life as a small child growing up under the roof of Southern Baptist parents, until now, and even beyond now. I remember reading of him being sick and thinking of how the tears will fall across the nation when this man passes. The news was sad but only for a moment, for tears were turned to joy as I watched his family and loved ones celebrate the century of this man and his years of leading the lost to Christ.  He was truly a man after God’s own heart.

Is your life worth celebrating??  If not, let’s change that now. God says it is and He loves you so much that He would send his own Son to save the world. Thank you and Godspeed, Billy Graham. 2/21/18

Follow Franklin Graham on his Decision America tour at https://pnw.billygraham.org/ and missions:  https://www.samaritanspurse.org/what-we-do/franklin-graham/

AP/Steve GonzalesAP/Steve GonzalesSchool shooting at Santa Fe, Tx. 5/18/18

How our hearts were torn in this little neighboring town of Santa Fe, where parents feel their children are safely tucked in, 30 miles away from the big city turmoil of Houston. Call it crime; call it mental health; but truth is, it is life without the presence of God in any person who takes the lives of innocent people. Sources say he was bullied, or he was hurt, or he was rejected; emotions we all share at some point. Pay attention folks…look, listen, and nurture those wounds. Children in this generation must exist in the world with more evil than we, as parents, have ever known. My heart is broken for Santa Fe, as it is for other schools that have experienced this devastation.

See the source imageTrump moves Embassy to Jerusalem 5/14/18

Why would this be important in the life of a believer? My own thoughts are that any recognition or elevation of Jerusalem and/or God’s favored people is honorable. On that note, any sign or speech regarding peace in the middle east is exciting to me, as it may mean we are one step closer to seeing Jesus, and it warms my heart to know that could actually happen during my lifetime. President Trump in his role is setting the stage for the finale. God is still in control, therefore, Trump is on divine assignment. Pray for our country!

In closing this post, please be in prayer for the many people who have experienced great lost. The events mentioned here are close to my hometown but my prayers are for many across the world today. My heart mourns for Christians being persecuted, our churches, our soldiers, child abuse, senior abuse, sex trafficking, the poor and homeless, and the evil mutilation of the human spirit but please focus on this promise for God is faithful:

These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) KJV.


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